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IM FUCKING HAWT SHIT. (i think thats what i was supposed to put)

♥Name: Anna
♥Age: 14
♥Location: jersey
♥Sexual Preference: straight
♥Weight: 108
♥shoe size: 7
♥G/f Or B/f: single
♥Height: 5'2
♥Your Style: sometimes plain jane w/ band shirts or w/e. sometimes retro and fancy. someimtes eccentric.

!!Random Questions!!

♥Are you a virgin?
♥Do you have a job? no
♥Do You have any brothers or sisters? just me. =p
♥What do you think about Scene Kids? love em
♥Would you strip for us? nah
♥Do you love me? sure why not
♥Would you sex me? sure why not
♥Do you think this app is silly? nawh its amusing

a clockwork orange / pirates of the caribbean
♥+10 Bands or more: matchbook romance, my chemical romance, led zepplin, audioslave, modest mouse, finch, goldfinger, sugarcult, RHCP, audioslave, piebald, from autumn to ashes, allister, less than jake, reel big fish, atreyu, brand new, coheed and cambria, folly, further seems forever, a static lullaby, the starting line, senses fail, thursday, taking back sunday
♥Food: water. heh.
♥Colors: red/white/
♥Books: a clockwork orange/ 5 quaters of the orange/ dracula
♥sex position: bottom
♥Body part: hands
♥Thing about yourself: friendly
♥Toy: something fuzzy
♥Cookies: chocolate
♥Thing to do: theres loads. um. maybe listen to music. write. hang out. etc.

!!Fill In the Blank!!
♥A big Long
♥I like to eat lots of 
♥I dance around in my
♥Please Gimme a
♥Want to have Mad 


♥Tell Us an embarassing story about yourself.
i was wearing this kind of revealing bikini at my friends house. and my dad was there. and he looks at me and goes "your bathing suit seems small. your boobs are popping out." and my friend's dad goes. "she's a "growing girl"". it was embarrasing shit.
♥Why should you be accepted to Hawt_Shit? i dunno. cause im hawt shit.
♥What do you think of the hawt sexy ass Mods? the answers in the question.
♥Do you like Rating Communities? theyre ok. made for pretty ppl.
♥What bands do you consider "punk"? punk is dead. but. led zepplin. rhcp.  etc.
♥Are you bi polar or have mood swings? kinda. not really. i can control it.
♥Where did you hear about this community? charlie.
♥Do you really think you are that hawt? HONESTLY. yea. i think im ok.

!!Your Veiws On!!

live young die young
♥Abortion: its her choice. what is life? the difference b/w us and a piece of grass is that we have the realization we are alive. a fetus does not. meaning. it has the potential to be. therefore, you are killing that potential. not that life. the life is as lively as a piece of grass. i would never have an abortion, but a woman shoudl have that choice.
♥The President: kerry. im a liberal. =p
♥Vegetarians: meat is necesarry. you dont eat meat, but you buy leather shoes. um. OK!?! but. its their choice, not mine.
♥Alcohol: love it with a passion.
♥Smoking: =\. ill take a fag once in a while.
♥Sex: if you love the chap
♥Butt sex: if it makes you happy.
♥The Mods: very rad
♥Brittany Spears: she used to be ok.
♥The Blood Brothers: <333333
♥The Vibrators: nah
♥Life, the world: from the way i see it, life is but a moment. that way your not arrogant enough to forget the past. avoid thining about the future but still do whatever the hell comes your way so it leaves no regrets.
♥How every fucking community asks what your views on so and so are: i adore it. there's more to life than looks b/c looks fade and your cheated out of the game if thats all you care about. =p

!!Three Clear Pictures of You!!

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