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What is romance if it is all fiction?

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♥Location:Romulus Mi
♥Sexual Preference:Straigh
♥shoe size:10
♥G/f Or B/f:Angel
♥Your Style:hesh...

!!Random Questions!!

♥Are you a virgin?yea
♥Do you have a job?nope
♥Do You have any brothers or sisters?yup, two brothers and two sisters
♥What do you think about Scene Kids?its lame... it all started about music... now its all metrosexual guys wearing make up
♥Would you strip for us?fa... sho
♥Do you love me?ofcourse
♥Would you sex me?whatever floats your boat
♥Do you think this app is silly?hah... no im digging it

♥Movies:dazed and confused, Fast tiems at ridgemont high
♥+10 Bands or more:.underOath.the blood brothers.My Chemical ROMANCE.hopesfall.norma jean.emery.everytime i die.MeWithoutYou.deadpoetic.AlexisOnFire
♥Food:mexican is good
♥Colors:red... brown... and black i guess
♥Books:the outsiders
♥sex position:i like them all haha
♥Thing about yourself:i have a penis
♥Toy:i used to like this batman action figure i had... he was cool
♥Cookies:chocolate chip
♥Thing to do:skateboard... play pool... while jamming to some good music

!!Fill In the Blank!!

♥A big Long penis.
♥I like to eat lots of junk food.
♥I dance around in my room.
♥Please Gimme a hand hah.
♥Want to have Mad sexxx.


♥Tell Us an embarassing story about yourself.this one time.. i told a joke... and nobody laughed
♥Why should you be accepted to Hawt_Shit?because this app is fun
♥What do you think of the hawt sexy ass Mods?there hawt sexy ass mods...
♥Do you like Rating Communities?sometimes
♥What bands do you consider "punk"?the sex pistols... ramones... the hives.. stuff like that
♥Are you bi polar or have mood swings?yea all the time... sometimes i dont even notice it
♥Where did you hear about this community?Angel sent me the link because she thought the guys kissing in the icon was cool
♥Do you really think you are that hawt?HONESTLY.no not really... but this was fun

!!Your Veiws On!!

♥Drugs:you can have some fun with them
♥Abortion:Burden In Your Hands-underoath.. check it out... thats my opinion
♥The President:there all dicks
♥Vegetarians:why... steak is awesome like whoa
♥Alcohol:if you like it... you can do it
♥Smoking:used to
♥Sex:go ahead... protection is good though
♥Butt sex:ehh... why?
♥The Mods:there sweet
♥Brittany Spears:shes dirty.. or was that christina?
♥The Blood Brothers:they are pure sex... im in love with his scream
♥The Vibrators:umm... there cool i guess?
♥Life, the world:im not digging it to much...
♥How every fucking community asks what your views on so and so are:i dont mind.. im bored

!!Three Clear Pictures of You!!
Body shottitle or description
Face title or description
phonetitle or description
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