Briggles1433 (briggles1433) wrote in hawt_shit,

I am hawt fucking shit


♥Sexual Preference:Straight
♥shoe size:5
♥G/f Or B/f:yea
♥Height:5 1/2
♥Your Style:emo

!!Random Questions!!

♥Are you a virgin?
♥Do you have a job?no
♥Do You have any brothers or sisters?yes, a brother and a sister
♥What do you think about Scene Kids?they rock! im a scene kid!
♥Would you strip for us?sure, why not?
♥Do you love me?no
♥Would you sex me?no
♥Do you think this app is silly?no

Pearl Harbor, Half Baked, Blow, Ferris Buelers Day Off, The Sound of Music, Stigmata
♥+10 Bands or more:Taking Back Sunday, Flaming Tsunamis, Bright Eyes, Coheed and Cambria, Dashboard Connefional, These Green Eyes, The Flamingos, Avenged Sevenfold, Something Corporate, Ashlee Simpson, The Used
♥Food: Cream Cheese Danish
♥Colors: Green and Red
♥Books: The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders and Vegan Virgin Valintine
♥sex position: manuel?
♥Body part: stomachs
♥Thing about yourself: my hair
♥Cookies:oatmeal rasin
♥Thing to do:walk around town with my friends

!!Fill In the Blank!!

♥A big Long
♥I like to eat lots of
♥I dance around in my
♥Please Gimme a
♥Want to have Mad
raging sex.


♥Tell Us an embarassing story about yourself.
I piss my pants alot when things are funny, or when they are real scary. one time i pissed my pants 3 times in a day. but I dont like walk around pissing myself, its just funny.
♥Why should you be accepted to Hawt_Shit?because im a hawt piece of ass!!!!
♥What do you think of the hawt sexy ass Mods?they're hott?
♥Do you like Rating Communities?ya, why else would i be joining one?
♥What bands do you consider "punk"?most of the ones i listen to are pretty, well, emo
♥Are you bi polar or have mood swings?oh gawd, im a phyco.
♥Where did you hear about this community?i looked it up in interests
♥Do you really think you are that hawt? HONESTLY.I think im okay. I can be uber hott when i try.

!!Your Veiws On!!

They're okay if you don't go overboard
♥Abortion:I think abortion is fine. If somebody accidently got pregnant then they should have the option to get rid of it, because they might not want to ruin the rest of their lives
♥The President:I hate him.
♥Vegetarians:I was a vegitarian for awhile. Why would anyone not like vegitarians? thats a weird question.
♥Alcohol:I personally think drinking is gross, but I don't have a problem with it
♥Smoking:Eh. I could care less if people smoke.
♥Sex Everyone gonna do it sooner or later, I think its fun!
♥Butt sex: Eww.
♥The Mods:I dont know them.
♥Brittany Spears:Shes a stupid whore who cant sing.
♥The Blood Brothers:I dont know them. hehe.
♥The Vibrators:Dunno Them either.

♥Life, the world: I'm happy with the world. It could be better but Im not about to get off my ass and change it so Im not complaining.
♥How every fucking community asks what your views on so and so are:Every community does it. Im used to it.

!!Three Clear Pictures of You!!

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