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Name: Justy
Age: 16
Location: Miami--3o5 nikkkughhxzhsdwfwr
Sexual Preference: Strickly Dick
Weight: I think I'm 150 something?
shoe size: ooh yeahh Size 7
G/f Or B/f: Singlee waiting for that prince charming
Height: 5'4''
Your Style: Whatever is clean and depending on where I'm going

!!Random Questions!!

Are you a virgin? Noooope
Do you have a job? Used to, but that fucking Indian fucked me over
Do You have any brothers or sisters? yea one little cxnt face (=
What do you think about Scene Kids?" Like they fucking rock dude! ".. They are whatever
Would you strip for us? Sure why not, I'm ice ice babyy
Do you love me? YES ! $*g&(
Would you sex me? We need a comitment.. LMFAO yea I wouldd
Do you think this app is silly? No it's appealing

Movies: Harold & Kumar go to White Castle <--- FUNNY SHIT $*%
+10 Bands or more:
[2]Bob Marley & the wailers
[3]No Doubt
[4]Senses Fail
[6]the Ataris
[7]Avenged Sevenfold
[8]Coheed & Cambria
[9]Brand New
[10]Bone Thugs -n- Harmoney
Food:COTTAGE CHEESE !!!.. It's Le Shitttt
Colors:Red- Yellow- Green
Books:Of Mice & Men, really fucking sad but it's hott
sex position:Anyway.. It still feels good
Body part:Back.. it's fucking..*&%*G&*
Thing about yourself:My boobs. The End.
Toy:My Stuffed animal mohawk panda- I've died his fur all Rasta colors ( red,yellow,green )
Thing to do:Surfff

!!Fill In the Blank!!

A big Long Surf Board
I like to eat lots of PREZTLES
I dance around in my Face Mask
Please Gimme a Mo Fuckin dolla
Want to have Mad crazy elephant ears!


Tell Us an embarassing story about yourself.I was over at Ron Jon in Cocoa Beach & I had my friend's car and whatever his car is sexy. So I felt all pimpin and shit. Whatever, I was there in Ron Jon scopin out some hot boards and this hot guy was staring at me so I try to look all cool and I was going to pull a board out to see how big it is and when I was pulling it out the whole rack fell down and a board almost hit me in the head. LMFAO my friend got a pictre of it.
Why should you be accepted to Hawt_Shit? Because I AM HAWT SHIT
What do you think of the hawt sexy ass Mods? Just that.. HOT SEXY MOD'S !
Do you like Rating Communities? Yea, because I like honest people and me being a bitch to little jit's is A LOT OF FUN
What bands do you consider "punk"? The Casualties=Devotchka=Anti-Flag
Are you bi polar or have mood swings?I'm 16.. SO YEAAAA. :)
Where did you hear about this community? Randomm
Do you really think you are that hawt? HONESTLY. I think I'm hott every other dayy

!!Your Veiws On!!

Drugs:Well, some drugs are fun.. like Acid & Coke & Weed. But other ones are scary as fuck like Heroin & Crystal Meth. 3 Of my friends died of drug overdoses o Heroin & Meth.
Abortion:I personally think you suck if you have an abortion but I'm not going to critisize someone if they do.
The President:Who gives a fuck about that truckerr
Vegetarians:I used to be one, but then I went to Mc Donalds and my vegetarian life was KABOOM
Smoking:It's not good for you, but to hell with that. I do it. But I can't stand those pussy's who do it to be cool.
Sex: It's fun with the right person. But when you go about it for attention then you need help.
Butt sex: Nasty as fuck. why would I want some guy to see my asshole..
The Mods:They seem like pretty big bitches.. I THINK WE WOULD GET ALONG PERFECTLY (=
Brittany Spears:Blonde-Pregnant-Stupid... next please?
The Blood Brothers: Honestly neverheard of them..
The Vibrators:Is that really a band?
Life, the world:Life is peachy and the world needs to live by Amsterdams Point-Of-View
How every fucking community asks what your views on so and so are:

!!Three Clear Pictures of ME!!

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