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♥Name: Mackenzie
♥Age: 15
♥Location: Lexington(boring as fuck) Kentucky
♥Sexual Preference: Straight
♥Weight: 120
♥shoe size: 7.5
♥G/f Or B/f: nah.
♥Height: 5'2
♥Your Style:hm. i don't have a specific label..i wear plain tank tops a lot..and then i have globes..i have a few items from abercrombie..than some stuff from pacsun. i just buy what i think is cute..fuck that preppy/skater/goth/emo bullshit. they're all hypocrites that need to get over themselves.

 !!Random Questions!! 
♥Are you a virgin?
♥Do you have a job? sonic bitches
♥Do You have any brothers or sisters? three step brothers, one half brother.
♥What do you think about Scene Kids? i think they look stupid as hell with bright ass make up that matches they're wierd ass t-shirts, and tights. but hey, they can do whatever they want.
 ♥Would you strip for us? nah..
 ♥Do you love me? who is you? do i love the community? no..but its pretty ok i guess.
♥Would you sex me? that depends what you look like.
 ♥Do you think this app is silly? i think its entertaining.
thirteen, american history x, slc punk, almost famous, grind
♥+10 Bands or more: social distortion, bad religion, reel big fish, offspring, the clash, jawbreaker, janes addiction, anti flag(pre-sell out to big record labels), go betty go, discount 
♥Food: dorito, mustard and bologna sandwhices(on white bread ofcoarse)
 ♥Colors: green, teal, white, pink
♥Books: the perks of being a wallflower, crank, smack, go ask alice, catcher in the rye
♥sex position: i like being on top. ha.
♥Body part: stomach
♥Thing about yourself: eyes
♥Toy: silly puddy!
 ♥Cookies: double fudge
♥Thing to do: listen to music, chill with friends, sit on my ass

 !!Fill In the Blank!! 
♥A big Long chili cheese coney!(i work at sonic give me a break).
♥I like to eat lots of raman noodles
 ♥I dance around in my oversided t-shirt
 ♥Please Gimme a cigerette(yeah, i smoke. get the fuck over it. they're my lungs..
 ♥Want to have Mad sex.

♥Tell Us an embarassing story about yourself. So, um one time i was with my friend andrea..and we were talking to some random people in buckle..and somehow we started talking about how some countries stone people to death..and andrea blurts out 'gahh how much weed to they make them smoke'..they thought we were fucking crazy. i haven't gone in buckle since.
♥Why should you be accepted to Hawt_Shit? well, i like to do that whole voting thing and i think i'm pretty damn good at it..cause i'm pretty fucking blunt..than i guess i'm just an interesting ass person.
 ♥What do you think of the hawt sexy ass Mods? they seem pretty tight..and they aren't ugly. i refuse to apply to 'hot' rating communities or any community that judges looks if the have ugly mods. its just like 'how the hell are you going to tell me i'm ugly YOU'RE UGLY YOUR FUCKING SELF'
 ♥Do you like Rating Communities? they pass the time.
 ♥What bands do you consider "punk"? really..the orginals ramones, velvet underground, and sex pistols..everyone else is either a branch off of punk that incorperates a different kind of music(for example ska)or a cheap imitation
♥Are you bi polar or have mood swings? nahh. i mean i think people are too quick to label people step brothers bipolar and when i was in rehab(yeah, its a long story) there was some bipolar people and those fuckers are off the chain..they scare the living shit out of me.
 ♥Where did you hear about this community? i don't even know..
♥Do you really think you are that hawt? HONESTLY. i guess..on a good day i do..but then some days i'm just like WHY THE FUCK CAN'T MY FACE LOOK THE WAY I WANT IT TO..i think i have a good body though.
!!Your Veiws On!!
♥Drugs: ha fun. but ileagal...(possesion of marijuana..twice) but other than that 420 all the fucking way.
♥Abortion: pro-choice..its our  baby we should do what we want with it..and since abortion was legalized back in the day, the crime rate actually dropped. (freakanomics is a really good book, you'll learn a lot of shit like that)and one of my friends had an abortion and if she would have had that, it wouldn't have been pretty.
♥The President:i don't really like Bush..i think he's an idiot. but compared to our other presidential candidates, i think he looks like the smarest political leader ever to have graced america.
 ♥Vegetarians: i was a rastafarian for like, a month. that shit is hard to do because most places aren't really vegetarian friendly, but i think its a really healthy way to live.
♥Alcohol: my mom is a recoverying alcoholic..and that really fucked up my nah. not so much.
♥Smoking: yup. my lungs. got a problem with that? well, fuck you.
♥Sex: protected, hell yes. unprotected, how stupid can you fucking get?
 ♥Butt sex: um, HELL NO. never.
 ♥The Mods: didn't you already ask that? i think y'all are cool and not ugly.
♥Brittany Spears: bleh. when i was like, into all that pop shit..i was pro-xtina, con-brittany..but i'm glad shes living her life the way she wants to and not letting the press assholes get to her.
 ♥The Blood Brothers: not for or against, i'm not really into that type of music.
♥The Vibrators: ok, honestly if thats a band i've never heard of them.
♥Life, the world: i like life, and the world..they've both fucked me over a few times..but i still think they're pretty ok.
♥How every fucking community asks what your views on so and so are: it gets a little annoying typing the same sentences on the same topics over and over again..and i don't see why its really relevant since all the communities are like 'YOU CAN'T REJECT SOME ONE BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE SAME VIEWS OF YOU'..i guess its to make sure that you aren't totally fucking retarded and actually have opinions on shit.

!!Three Clear Pictures of You!!
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